Association News

We are back in Business.

This is the new RFA Association Site it is still under construction, which may take some time for everything to become operational.

As I have already mentioned this is a work in progress and I have a number of other modules to add to the site such as,

Downloads page

Useful links

Archived pages section. As with our previous site noithing is deleted, it is archived and can be recovered however, sadly when we lost our previous site eveything on the servers was lost with it so we are effectively starting with a blank sheet of electronic paper.

Contact details, This will be one to watch as not only has the domain name changed but all the RFAA email adresses will also change so chairman@rfa-association.org will become chairman@rfaa.uk and so on. this will happen quite soon so please keep an eye on the site for updates.

and loads more,

At the moment the site is quite sparcely populated with stuff to read but obviously this will change fairly quickly. My sincere appologies to all members and visitors to the site but the loss of the previous site was beyond our control.