Memorandum of Understanding between the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service (“The RFA”) and the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Association (“The RFAA”)

1. Ministry of Defence policy is to support veterans’ organisations, to educate the community at large and promote the Core Naval Service Message which relates to the RFA Service.

2. The RFAA is a UK forces charity registered in England number 1093950 and Scotland number SC039054, with Royal patronage, the declared aims of which are to further the efficiency of the service, to care for the RFA Community and to preserve and record the history and achievements of the service in peace and war.

3. Both parties declare their mutual determination to foster a good and cordial working relationship, to work together to promote the aims and objectives of the charity to the credit of the service and the benefit of members and their dependents.

4. This document establishes the basic principles within which both the RFA and RFAA will conduct business and communications with each other.

5. The RFA will:

5.1 Recognise the RFAA as the formal body representing the RFA service, its people, history and culture in the retired, marine and civilian community.

5.2 Support the RFAA in its internal publicity to its serving staff and encourage them to recognise and support the charitable and welfare role undertaken by the Association for serving and retired RFA personnel.

5.3 Within available resources assist the Association with proof of service enquiries to support welfare cases and historic public enquiries regarding past RFA service.

6. The RFAA will:

6.1 Support the good reputation and long history of the RFA Service when undertaking and conducting Association business.

6.2 Maintain operating standards within the Association that meet Charity Commission standards and charity legal requirements and do not bring disrepute on the RFA Service.

6.3 Represent the RFA Service at annual memorials, services and funerals.

6.4 Within available resources respond to requests from the RFA for assistance when
within the ability of the Association to do so.

6.5 Provide information and briefing material on association Activities and meet and brief
the Commodore and/or RFA management on Association business when required.

Signed (On original)



Commodore RFA                                                 Chairman RFAA

Dated: 19 October 2020

This policy document is in PDF format and can be downloaded here :- RFAA-RFA MOU (143.95 kB)

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