RFAA Welfare Policy


  1. One of the objects of the RFAA Constitution (Art 2.2) is to relieve members or former members of the Service or their dependants who are in need, hardship or distress by:
  2. making grants of money to them; or
  3. providing or paying for goods, services or facilities for them; or
  4. making grants of money to other persons or bodies who provide goods, services or facilities to those in need; or
  5. providing advice and counselling to them during bereavement or injury or during times of crisis or conflict.

2.The RFAA Welfare Policy

  1. The RFAA Welfare Policy is provided for the RFAA Welfare Committee to manage and achieve the objectives above using monies provided from the RFAA Emergency Welfare Fund.

3.The RFAA Welfare Committee

  1. The RFAA Welfare Committee comprises the Chairman, Treasurer, and one other trustee to be known as the Welfare Director.

4.The RFAA Welfare Fund

  1. The RFAA Emergency Welfare Fund is ring fenced within the RFA Association accounts. The fund is set at a maximum of 5% of the Association’s available funds as declared on 31st December each year or an absolute maximum of £5000 and this will be the maximum total amount of any grants normally made in any one financial year. (1st Jan to 31st Dec).

5.Scale of Benefit

  1. Grants will be made, to members and non-members of the RFAA whose circumstances meet the criteria of Art 2.2 of the RFAA Constitution.
  2. Grants up to a maximum of £750 may be made to members of the RFAA and £400 to non-members.


  1. Members of the RFAA
  2. Non-members with verifiable connection to RFA Service, (including serving and former personnel).
  3. Bereaved families of deceased members or non-members suffering financial hardship may make an application to the fund for assistance with funeral costs or other lifestyle adjustments.

7.Special Cases

  1. Exceptionally where an applicant for assistance does not fully meet the criteria above and the case is deemed worthy the Welfare Committee may offer the case to the Board of Trustees for consideration. A simple majority of the Board will suffice. In the event of a split decision the Chairman will have the deciding vote.


8.How to Apply for Assistance

  1. Persons seeking assistance from the RFAA Emergency Welfare can apply directly to the Welfare Director using by emailing welfare@rfaa.uk