The rank of Commodore RFA was established in 1951 and since that date holders of this rank have been:

Stanley G. Kent OBEAugust 1951May 1954
William Brunswick Browne OBEJune 1954December 1955
Thomas H Card OBEDecember 1955January 1957
Thomas Elder CBE DSCJanuary 1957March 1962
Albert E Curtain OBE RDMarch 1962August 1964
Eric Payne CBESeptember 1964June 1966
Griffith O W Evans CBE DSCJune 1966January 1968
Joe Dines CBE RDJanuary 1968May 1971
Henry O L’Estrange DSC RDJune 1971December 1972
George Robson CBEDecember 1972May 1977
Samuel C Dunlop CBE DSOMay 1977March 1983
James G M CoullMarch 1983September 1985
Barry H RutterfordJune 1986May 1989
Richard Montgomery Thorn CBEMay 1989May 1994
Norman D Squire CBEMay 1994March 1999
Peter J Lannin CBEMarch 1999September 2003
Robert C Thornton CBEOctober 2003September 2008
William M Walworth CBESeptember 2008September 2013
Robert William DoreySeptember 2013October 2015
Duncan Lawrence LambOctober 2015October 2020
David EaglesOctober 2020

The rank of Commodore Chief Engineer and more recently Commodore (E)

was first established in 1960 and since that date holders to this rank have been: –

David C. Leathley OBEJanuary 1960September 1961
Reginald R. Darroch OBESeptember 1961July 1963
J. A. MacPhearsonMarch 1964May 1966
William E. YoungAugust 1966May 1972
John R. WarneJune 1972December 1978
George S. BurnettDecember 1978January 1982
Albert C. HawkeMarch 1982August 1984
Thomas J.W. HumphreyAugust 1984September 1985
Allan ForsterSeptember 1985March 1989
Kenneth LacyMarch 1989April 1993
Peter W. GoodmanApril 1993October 1995
Nicholas K. BallOctober 1995April 2002
Michael D. NorfolkApril 2002February 2008
David Preston OBEFebruary 2008March 2014
Ian SchumackerMarch 2015