In the spring of 2003 the Trustees announced the establishment of the JAMES COULL MEMORIAL Award, in memory of Commodore J G M Coull, who died in September 2002. This was made possible through the initiative and generosity of a Member who endowed funds for this purpose. The scheme is fully supported by the Head of Service, and the Coull family, who remain in touch and follow the annual award with great interest. Commodore James Coull was a distinguished sea-going officer, and was widely regarded as one of the finest seamen in command in the RFA.

The COULL AWARD is made in each year where a serving officer or rating makes an outstanding contribution to the good name of the Service, or selfless act above and beyond the normal call of duty, or other extraordinary achievement in his professional field. This award is appropriate to the memory of Commodore Coull, and its perpetuation is entirely in accordance with the aims of the RFA Association.

We hope that Commanding Officers will continue to report outstanding acts and achievements to the Trustees through COMRFA so that such service can be recognised through the operation of the James Coull Award