Are you looking for an old shipmate, someone you sailed with “When Nelson was a lad” perhaps we can help by putting a notice onto this site.

Email me at with as much information as you have and I will place an article onto the site with your details. What I will not do is release any information of the person sought without his/her SPECIFIC permission and then I will only release to you what the person sought gives me SPECIFIC permission to release. Sounds a bit draconian but it did work on the old website and I must maintain people’s privacy, so there is no reason why it should not work here.

Happy hunting.

Seeking Richard Craig
Captain Herbert John Charles Wheatley
Looking for Pumpman Albert Edward Akhurst. Sitrep 1 (87)
Looking For Quartermaster R Griffiths
Looking for Mike Brodie (Engineer)
Seeking Jake Sanders
Looking for Steve Hird.
RRS Discovery Indian Ocean Expedition 1963, Reunion
Ian John Oliver (Engineer)
Reunion of Olmeda CTU 1973 Sitrep1