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CPO(Chef) Martin Etwell

Second Sea Lord Commendations.

I am so very delighted to report that CPO(Chef)Martin Etwell, member number 0296, and an old and valued shipmate has been recognised with a Commendation from Vice Admiral Woodcock, Second Sea Lord for his professionalism and excellence and outstanding achievement. The commendation was presented to Martin at a ceremony in the  Nelson Gallery of the National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth.

The Citation

Chief Petty Officer Cook (CPO(Ck)) Martin Andrew ETWELL is currently the longest serving and most senior CPO in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA). ETWELL started his RFA career in 1973 in the role of Junior Catering Rating.   His zest, energy and passion for the profession and the RFA have been demonstrated throughout his distinguished career. His proactive nature and drive to challenge himself to perform to the highest of standards and then succeeding has been evident throughout his Service. Promoted to CPO in 1985, ETWELL is highly regarded by the Senior RFA Management, Commanding Officers and peers alike. His catering performance has been a significant asset to each ship in which he serves, boosting morale and the essential, moral component of capability.

ETWELL was selected to instruct at HMS RALEIGH in 2006 where he dedicated himself to his role, instilling the same passion, drive and determination into the young Tri-service chefs of the future. Not only a role model for the trainees, ETWELL also set the standard for fellow instructors to aspire to achieve. ETWELL headed up the joint Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary’s team at the prestigious Salon Culinere competition and through clear leadership and direction, the team won a number of prizes, the first in a significant number of years. ETWELL is one of the first recipients of the ‘Worshipful Company of Cooks’ sponsored Chef of the Year award in recognition of his Professional Skill, Leadership and Management.

As proactive as ever, ETWELL has been at the forefront at every opportunity. He has volunteered to represent the RFA and Naval Service at numerous Ceremonies and Events, including the Royal Albert Hall Festival of Remembrance, The Cenotaph, the presentation of The Queen’s Colour to the RFA, Diamond Jubilee Celebrations and The Falklands 25th Anniversary Parade. More recently, ETWELL represented the Naval Service at the 2012 Paralympics in London during the Opening Ceremony. It has been evident for all to see that ETWELL is proud to be a member of the RFA and the Naval Service being ‘front and centre’ and demonstrating military bearing at every opportunity.

At sea, ETWELL made a lasting impression whilst serving in RFA MOUNTS BAY during the 2012 Olympics. Tasked as a forward operating base for multiple agencies; the ship also hosted various VVIPs, military personnel and civilians guests. He made a lasting impression through culinary expertise, drive and leadership feeding hundreds throughout the games.

CPO ETWELL consistently demonstrates the highest standards of professionalism and finest traditions of the Naval Service. His selfless and altruistic outlook has raised the profile of the Service across Defence and the wider civilian community. He retains his drive and commitment and it is timely that he is recommended for an award in recognition of his outstanding dedication, exemplary Service to the RFA and the Naval Service in a wide and varied career that spans in excess of 42 years.

So Martin, are you embarassed enough yet ‘cos if you are not I will find even more nice things to say!

Severe Bravo Zulus Martin, so well deserved.