General News

As many of you will already know Captain Brian Waters OBE is quite poorly and currently in a Salisbury hospice. Our Chairman Ray Bennett visited him recently (1 June 2018) and writes……

“Dear all,

I visited Brian in the hospice at Salisbury Hospital this morning. He was quite cheerful and we ‘swung the lamp’ for a while.  He has decided that he would get Steph to bring in some ready mixed G&Ts for the fridge, as cold drinks go down well. Some things never change!

He asked me to publicise as widely as possible that Steph and he have been overwhelmed by the care, support and friendship they have received the Association and the greater RFA family. Also the many cards and letters that have arrived.  hey are truly grateful.

Brian said that he felt he won’t be able to receive many more visitors, but wants you to know how much he has appreciated the visits he has had.

Should anyone wish to get in touch, please go through Alan Williamson (alemo@rfaasolentbranch.co.uk)  so that Steph has one point of contact. I’m sure you’ll all join me by keeping them in your thoughts and prayers. Ray

Ray Bennett

Captain RFA (retd)”.