General News

Martin Seymour has sent this photograph which begs the question “Wot’s going on ‘Ere Then”? I’ll give you a clue, it’s not the ship’s Kite Flying Competition (although they were fun weren’t they) and it’s also the Chief Officer doing all the work while everybody else stands and watches him. So Wots going on……

No prizes for the correct answer but I might manage a pint of “Old and Filthy” at the forthcoming Southampton Reunion for the most amusing.

(Answer-  C/O(X) Chris Mackenzie trying to harness a broken Transmitter Whip Aerial on Fort Victoria, so that we could repair it!. We were trying to do this without coming alongside to use a crane. Broken Whip Aerials in that location were a common occurrence on the AOR, something to do with vibration).