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Do you remember that some while ago, and on the subject of the next edition of Gunline, I suggested that you “Don’t hold your breath”. Clearly if you are reading this you must have taken my advice took as nobody could possibly hold their breath for that long. The current record is 22 minutes and 22 seconds by German Free Diver Tom Sietas ( have a look HERE)  The last Gunline was just before Christmas 2013, remember, the one with Wave Knight’s successful achievement in a Caribbean Drug Bust on the front cover, the one before that was way back in September 2012.

I’ve done a bit of sleuthing around and I am reliably informed by my spies that there is no signs of any activity on the Gunline front at the moment. Chairman Frank prepared our copy for an autumn 2014 edition which never happened but with Argus heading off to Sierra Leone it was reasonable to think that perhaps a Christmas Special might be in the offing telling us of her exploits and deeds of derring do in what must have been very trying circumstances, and as we all know, trying circumstances are of course when the RFA comes into it’s own.

So, as our contribution the ill fated Christmas 2014 edition of Gunline drifts into the time expired zone and as a new edition of Gunline appears as distant as ever, the pages that would have been in the Christmas 2014 edition are being made available for download as a pdf.

Gunline Pages Autumn 2014 (867.11 kB)

As ever you will need a PDF reader and you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader HERE for free.

Paid up members of the Association who have declared an up to date email address will, or should have received Force 4 just before Christmas and Chairman Frank and I are looking at ways of making improvements to Force 4 and ways to distribute it to all members, so do watch this space. But, and this is a very big but we could only do that with the help of members, branches and of course the ships to provide copy. Yes we do have our very generous contributors but to make a viable, regular and of course readable magazine. Most members must have some photographs in the attic that could be the basis of a “salty dit”, remember the days when FFO was king, Tiger tops were the smole staple and Nelson had two arms and two eyes. You know where to send such stuff. Do watch this space for news and developments.