New Approach to Damage Control.

Following an article in today’s (24 Jan 2013) Daily Mirror it has been decided  to introduce a revolutionary concept in damage control. Out goes the 20th century approach to flooding in a damage control environment and in comes the 21st century state of the art answer to this old problem. Snowmen, or to be politically correct, Snowpersons. Mad you might think but read on.

For centuries the RFA was taught that the only way to deal with a flood was by sealing the leak and then pumping out the water. Was this effective….I think not. RFA Ennerdale and more recently HMS Endurance, to name but two ships,  are testament to the need for a radical solution and I think snowpersons might just fill the bill.

There are downsides of course, maintaining quantities of snowmen in the tropics will clearly be problematical but that should not be a barrier to progress after all the nation that invented the steam locomotive and refrigeration on an industrial level should easily overcome such minor hurdles.

The process will begin with RFA Wave Goodbye, currently languishing in a packet of Wilkinson Sword Razor blades being reactivated. As part of her refit she will be fitted with additional fridge capacity to store freeze dried snowpersons.

To maintain the no touching rule the snowpersons will be androgenous, the drawback here of course is that they will be unable to reproduce requiring ships to replenish their supplies of snowpersons after the current stock have been reactivated.

Fridge capacity will, of course have to be dramatically increased, this may become particularly critical if, as we suspect the RN join us in this exiting and inovative venture