General News

Commemorative Cover may be published in 2017 to mark the into-service event for the new RFA TIDESPRING – A136.

The cover’s design has not been finalised but it is likely to have a bespoke Royal Mail ‘smiler’ stamp affixed, which will be cancelled using a special hand stamp unique to the event. The cover will be accompanied by a full-colour information sheet as an insert and presented in a cellophane sleeve.  The image is an early draft only and the final design will differ. (see below for a larger picture)


There will be a special limited edition of this cover numbered 1-136 and (hopefully) signed by either the MARS CO, the Ship’s CO or a senior member of the project.  The will also be a standard version that will be unsigned and un-numbered. It is hoped to have all the covers carried on board during part of the sea trials.

Priority to purchase numbers 1-86 of the special signed edition will go to serving RFA personnel and restricted to one per person (the remaining 50 special editions will be placed on sale to collectors by BFPS (the ‘publisher’) through their online shop (www.bfps.org.uk/shop).

The estimated delivered price to UK/BFPO addresses per cover is likely to be between £10-£20, with the limited edition signed covers priced at the higher end.  Any surplus of income from sales will be donated to a registered charity – possibly the RFAA and / or another charity. The chosen charity will be known by the time of ordering. BFPS also donate their surplus net income to registered Service charities.

We need to gauge potential demand for these covers so that we get the right number produced. If you think you would purchase a cover, please complete the anonymous survey that’s here: https://surveyhero.com/c/a49040c  (opens an external site) and indicate whether you would be likely to purchase a signed edition / standard cover / both.

Please only complete the survey ONCE.  Note that this does not oblige you to make an order nor does it guarantee that you are ‘in the queue’ to purchase.

Click here for SURVEY. SURVEY CLOSES 10th JANUARY 2017.