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Better Late than Never.

The RFAA Calendar for 2015 was distributed to all Association members who have declared an up to date email address to Dawn our membership secretary as a download accompanying the Christmas 2014 edition of Force 4. The good news is that we are now making it available to anybody who wishes to download it from our website, and it follows therefore that the bad news it that you will have to have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer and you will have to print it out yourself. Oh, I nearly forgot the other good news is it, like Adobe Acrobat Reader is free.

The theme for the calendar is “The Unsung Heroes of the RFA”. We all know about the “Ness Boats”, the Creamy Toppers, my beloved “‘O’ Boats” and the like so we have tried to reminisce here with some pictures of the lesser known, but no doubt well loved, ships like the “Rangers”, the “Eddy Boats”, the “Bobby Boats” and how many of you have even heard of the “Seafox” or “Nasprite” let alone sailed in them. Incidentally, if you did sail in them I wouldn’t have like some “salty dits” for the next Force 4 (due to his the streets very late May early June after the Plymouth Reunion on 16th May at the China Fleet Club, Saltash, see HERE).

If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader you can download it from Adobe for free HERE and if you have any problems do get in touch with me at

My thanks to George Mortimore for the pictures used on the calendar from his vast collection.

Download the RFAA 2015 Calendar RFAA Calendar 2015 (1.69 MB)