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Roger Robinson Brown Writes:-

Fellow Shipmates. there can be no organisation who have had more of their staff to South Georgia, you may find this of interest. When I retired many years ago I became involved with a charity which was set up to to preserve the extraordinary wildlife of SG. In 35 years at sea and holidays it is, and will always be for me, the No 1 Place on Earth I have visited. The main threat to wildlife was identified as migration of the rat population, which was introduced by the whaling fleets, to areas of South Georgia  protected by the fast receeding glaciers.  The Rat Eradication Programme is based on distribution of bait by helicopter. The Blue Bait is not seen or eaten by birds. Trials were funded by a 1.2 Million Dollar private donation from the US.

The former Whaling Company “Salvesons” are funding continuation of the programme, which I think is fantastic and very apt.

Thank you Salvesons, Bravo Zulu. Click the link to read the latest real time newsletter or visit to join or find out more about the South Georgia heritage trust. You can download their latest newsletter SG Newsletter (2.16 MB)

Yours Aye,

Roger Robinson Brown RFA Retd