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The South Atlantic Medal without Rosette.

Changes to Eligibility.

Sitrep 8.

Sitreps, it would appear are a bit like London busses, none for ages and then two in quick sucession.

This morning (23 Jul) I spoke to the nice medals lady in RFA(PERS) and she assures me that the medals have been received by RFA(PERS) and are being checked for accuracy of recipients details. Sadly, she informed me that a small number (3) had been returned to the Medals Office to be corrected (don’t know whose) but the rest will be posted out to individuals “shortly”. So polish your doormat, oil your letterbox and check that your  “Avon Lady bing bong doorbell” is fully functional as I suspect you may well have to sign for them and there will certainly be a receipt chit to sign and return so a fully charged fountain pen might also be a usefull thing to have to hand.

I must add that the medals received into RFA(Pers) are just from the first tranche of applications and there is a second tranche to be forwarded on to the Medals Office.

Also the medals applied for by RFA(Pers) are only those awarded to RFA Personell serving in RFAs or in STUFT Ships. They do not include Stonnery or Red Ensign Guys in Stuft Ships.

Think positive, things are finally moving on.