General News

Brian Waters Chairman of Solent Branch has stepped down due to ill health. He has been at the helm since the Branch’s inception on 23rd June 2005 and has overseen the introduction of several key initiatives – creation of Almoners post, appointment of Rev Reg Sweet as the Branch’s chaplain and establishment of “Friends of the Solent Branch” scheme.

During his tenure Brian has hosted 3 highly successful Reunions and encouraged the creation of an all ranks organisation. He also served as Trustee for 7 years. His Successor Stuart Pearce assumed the chairmans’s post at the AGM and as a first action proposed Brian become the Branch’s first Hon President. Steve Talbot became Deputy Chairman.

Jack Harrison-Jones also a founder member who also retired – having served as Solents first Almoner. The Committee also welcomed Hugh O’Donnell to its ranks

Following our recent AGM the following changes have been implemented:

Hon President Brian Waters OBE

Chairman Stuart Pearce OBE RD*

Deputy Chairman Steve Talbot

Secretary Alan Williamson

Treasurer Ivor Feist

Almoner Andy August

Committee Member David Bass

Committee Member Hugh O’Donnell

Contact details of all the committee members can be found in the Members handbook.