Chairman for the RFAA Scottish & Newcastle Branch.

Having been Chairman for the past seven years and now feel that in all fairness to the organisation, the time is ripe to stand down and make way for a younger person to Chair the Scottish and Newcastle Branch.


Currently, the Scottish & Newcastle Branch members meet four times a year for Sunday lunch, each in a different part of our vast area – which extends from County Durham to the Shetland Islands.

Our membership is mainly concentrated in Central Scotland and around the Tyne. To cope with this spread our first event of the year is held, currently, in Northumberland, thence in the Border Country, then Central Scotland, near Stirling and finally back in the Borders, near Melrose, for our last gathering of the year, late November. I am deeply grateful to our membership for their unfailing support and encouragement for these events which are given enthusiastic support and are all well-attended.

We now look to a person perhaps more recently retired and more in tune with current thinking within the RFA Fleet, to bring fresh ideas and inspiration to lead the Scottish and Newcastle Branch of the RFA Association towards a bright future. Remember, any member can apply – there is no rank structure in the RFA Association, only elected officials!

If you would like to become Chairman for a lively and supportive Branch or have anyone in mind, please, with their permission, put name(s) forward for consideration, either to Pat Thompson or myself. Time is now running (my intentions were first made known in the Spring!) and my stint as Chairman ends with this year.

Do not be put off by the size of the Branch area and our members are all a great bunch and very amenable. Being able to keep in touch with RFA friends and old shipmates makes the job very rewarding.

Best wishes

John Roddis