General News

Extracted from the latest Force4

As our Chairman announced at the last AGM (Saltash) there will be significant changes to the management of the Association and the Board of Trustees at the next AGM. The Chairman (Frank Andrews) will be standing down as he will have completed his allowable time within our Constitution, The Deputy Chairman (Pat Thompson) is also standing down after 8 years (4 as Chairman and 4 as Deputy) and Trustee George Mason is also standing down.

The Board of Trustees are looking for volunteers and nominees for the above post to come forward soon and make themselves known to the Chairman. Please don’t nominate anybody without their permission and do remember, the Board of Trustees is a little like the Mess Committee. In the absence of a Mess Committte there was no Bar it follows that in the absence of a properly constituted Board Of Trustees there will be no RFA Association. Come on chaps and chapesses, don’t be shy. I should also add that both the outgoing Chairman and his Deputy will be there to offer whatever help and assistance is required for as long as is required.