General News

For some considerable time now I have been wittering on about closing down the email addresses ( remnants of the old website. I do check the old addresses for email quite regularly and this morning in one of those old addresses had 150 (I kid you not), 150 Spam emails lurking there in the last 24 hours. Some of the others were not a lot better SO they all have to go.

I will be closing them down on 30 November 2013 REGARDLESS

Chaps, Chapesses, Shipmates, Shipmatesses, check you address book and ensure that you have updated it to include the .uk suffix, if you don’t emails to RFAA HQ will just wander off into obscurity. The most up to date contact list is published on the RFAA website HERE have a shufti.

Just remember 30 November 2013 is stop the spam day.

Mind you if you still remember the delights of Spam Fritters usually found in RFA breakfasts and RAS Suppers and feel that you cannot live without them you could always have a shutfi HERE , beta blockers and statins are available, on prescription only via the National Health Service.