Crossed the Bar

It is with so much sadness that I  announce  that former Second Officer(X) Robert (Bob) Redhead RFA(Retd),  crossed the bar at his home in Melbourne, Australia on the 26th August 2014 after a short illness. He was 64. He is seen here in RFA Fort Rosalie circa 1970 (so that’s the old Rosie Boat)


On behalf of the RFA Association I extend our sincere condolences to his widow Rachel and all his family including John, his elder brother and former Chief Officer (X) in our Service.

Bob was with the RFA from 1967~1977 serving as Deck Cadet to Second Officer(X). After his RFA time he sailed with Sealink and then emmigrated to Australia in the mid 1980s.


If you have a remembrance of Bob please email it to be at and I will post them on this page.

Pat Thompson Writes:-

I sailed with Bob in RFA Bayleaf (II) in the early 1970s. I was Second Officer and he was Third Officer and a really good shipmate and colleague. I did not see him, again until 1983 when I was in Sir Bedivere, in refit at Middle Docks, South Shields. The Sealink Ferry “Vortigern” was in drydock and Bob was there as Chief Officer just waiting to emmigrate to Australia. Lanterns were swung, furiously I might add. That sadly was the last time I bumped into him until now. I am quite saddened by his demise, he was a “Good Man”.

Rab Thompson Writes:-

Sorry to hear of this. 64 is a bit premature. I didn’t know Bob but sailed with his brother John on two occasions. My condolences to the family.

Alex Blackwood Writes:-

So sorry to hear about Bob, I sailed with him a couple of times in the early 70’s  A thoroughly nice guy and a good shipmate. Not fair so young. Condolences to all the family.

Gary (Enri) Boobyer Writes vis Ships Nostalgia:-

Thank you Pat for letting me know, I don’t follow the RFAA. It was on Bob’s 21st birthday that Terry Holtham and I did our first unsupervised watch, to allow all (with the exception of yourself who had to relieve us at midnight), to enjoy themselves. (It was in the middle of the Indian Ocean so I think we were quite safe). (RFA Bayleaf)
I never heard of, or from him after that voyage, though sailed with his brother John who was then first officer on the Blue Rover before I left for sunnier climes. RIP. (43 years, where has the time gone?)