Crossed the Bar


It is with so much sadness that, following notification  from Captain (LS) Rupert Drew that I report Second Officer(X) Lisa Jane Black crossed the bar in hospital in Belfast aged just 36 (Corrected) on 22 Dec 2014. Her funeral and burial took place in Belfast on Christmas Eve 2014.

On behalf of the RFA Association I offer our most sincere condolences to all her family

Rupert has sent my this synopsis of Lisa’s service in the RFA.

Lisa Black joined the RFA as a Deck Cadet in Jan 2001 and was a student of South Tyneside Nautical College .  Her first trip to sea was in FORT VICTORIA for 4 months and following leave and college joined the sister ship RFA FORT GEORGE a year later.  In addition to serving in a wide variety of ships, including the roro SEA CRUSADER, LISA undertook the usual courses, including specialist Naval courses on Point Defence, Amphibious Operations planning, Warfare and Explosive Safety. LISA was chosen to be Equerry to the Earl of Wessex in 2007 and the following year she undertook the Intermediate Command and Staff Course (Maritime). After tours in RFA WAVE RULER and RFA MOUNTS BAY , she was appointed to HMS COLLINGWOOD as a Training Officer. Lisa’s last ship in the RFA was RFA BLACK ROVER. Lisa left the RFA Service in 2013 after 12 years service.  She was highly thought of by her fellow shipmates and friends ashore.  Lisa had been under treatment for Breast Cancer and for a time was thought to have been winning the battle – sadly, this was not to be. 

Follow this link to an article in the Belfast Telegraph HERE


If anybody has any remembrances of Lisa please email me at and I will add them to this page.

Craig Howe writes:-

Very sad news about Lisa. I was a first tour helicopter pilot on both Fort Vic and Fort George when Lisa was a cadet, and the same syndicate at Staff Course in Late 2008. I remember her very happy disposition and smile and usually finding her in the bar! I’ll have a drink for her today though. Very sad news.


Craig has also sent in these photographs of Lisa,

Sandy McGhee writes

If I remember correctly Lisa also sailed as a cadet on Fort Austin in 2002 when I was STON Planner. There was her and Kate Weston – Chris Knapp I think was the old man.

Very sad lovely girl

Sandy McGhee

James Smith writes:-

As XO on SEA CRUSADER during the Gulf War, I had the great fortune of having Lisa as my right-hand man (or perhaps I should say woman) to assist me in the loading and discharging of various military cargoes around the Gulf region. Lisa was a Cadet then but from very early on showed great potential and I was convinced that she was definitely going to go places! She was always a bubbly, cheerful personality who fitted in extremely well and one only has to read through the plethora of messages of condolence to see how many people thought so much of her. I was totally shocked and deeply saddened to hear about her untimely passing and couldn’t actually believe it at first, especially as she was only 28! She was such an inspiration to those of us who sailed with her and I will always retain some very happy memories of her and the laughs we shared together. She will be deeply missed by all who knew her and my thoughts and prayers are with her Family   particularly so close to Christmas too. RIP Lisa.