RRS Discovery Indian Ocean Expedition 1963, Reunion

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Our Chairman has received a letter from Dr E. J.W. Jones regarding a June Reunion in London  at the Naval Club London :-

Reunion of Officers and Scientists: R.R.S. Discovery International Indian Ocean Expedition 1963 ( London , June 2013)

I am organizing a reunion at the Naval Club, London , of officers and scientists who participated in a pioneering scientific expedition to the Indian Ocean aboard R.R.S. Discovery in 1963.  At that time the vessel operated under the RFA.

As this is the 50th anniversary of the expedition, I am trying every means of finding those who participated aboard Discovery.  At present, I have located six RFA officers who have indicated that they want to attend the reunion in June.  I therefore write to enquire whether the RFA Association might be able to help in finding the following officers whom I have been unable to contact.

Bretherton, Mike (3/E)
Bryce, Andy (Elect. Off.)
Champion I. M. (Tony) (Rad. Off.)
Green, Anthony J. (J/Eng.)
Holden, Derek (3/E)
Mackay, Don (2/Elect.)
Massey, David (Rad. Off.)
Sutton, John (J/Elect.)

Any assistance the RFA Association could give would be much appreciated.  I can be contacted by post at my college address above or by college email (ejw.jones@ucl.ac.uk).
I am officially retired so not by the telephone very much.
I have also put a signed copy of this letter in the post.

Yours sincerely
E. John W. Jones

Dr E. J.W. Jones

If you know the whereabouts of any of these RFA People please ge in touch with Dr Jones (his email is on this page) or with me at mob@rfaa.uk and I will pass the information on to him.