RRS Discovery 1964, Were You There

Dave Gerrard ( RFA Nostalgia ) is trying to name some people in a photograph taken on board RRS Discovery back in 1964. Were you there or can you put a name to the faces? If you can we would be delighted to hear from you, email me at deputy.chairman@rfaa.uk .

In particular Dave is looking for the name of  the Senior Electrical Officer kneeling 2nd from right?

(For our younger readers Senior Electrical Officer = First Officer (SE) unless they have changed the nomenclature again since I retired)

Any other names would of course go down very well indeed.

(The original request came from Phil Roberts, who is the young 3/O standing 2nd from right. There is a Discovery Reunion planned for next year. The unmistakable Rhys Davies has already been spotted rear left. DMG)