General News

The National Environmental Research Centre has recently ordered a new research ship and have created an online ballot to name her. Have a look HERE for their website and HERE and HERE for the online ballot. The “spoilers” have already had “a laff” at the project, have a look HERE, but that nonsense aside the late Captain John Stones son Jonathon and granddaughter Hannah, would like to put to put his name forward by asking RFAs, active and retired and of course anybody else who remembers him with affection as a colleague, shipmate and friend to support this.

Do remember that the RFA has a long connection with NERC, operating RRS Discovery for many years until NERC did that for themselves and Pebbles, as many of you will remember spent many years in the South Atlantic in various RFAs. Naming the ship after him would be a fitting tribute to a well loved Captain and reflect our long established connections with NERC and their amazing scientific endeavours in the South Atlantic.