General News

The RFAA Members Handbook and Yearbook 2013/14 will shortly be distributed.

It has always been said that the London Routemaster Omnibus, a triumph in British design, ingenuity flair and panache that lacked only one thing….punctuality. The same could be said about the RFA Association Yearbook but no more….

Some 1200 (ish) copies of the RFA Association Members Handbook and Yearbook 2013/2014 are currently lanuishing and bunging up access to my garage/workshop leaving my poor motorbikes unloved and unpolished and unridden.

Back at the ranch we are currently working on the documentation for the AGM and Liverpool 2013 Reunion at the Liner Hotel (Remember 2009) Liverpool and hope to have it all sent out to the membership within the next couple of weeks.

As you will be aware this is a very costly exercise but doing it this way gives us a “twofer” so please bear with us.

I will post a page on the site when we hit the mailbox so please watch out for it.

Are you coming to the Liverpool Reunion….it’s going to be a good one (well they all are aren’t they). Whilst we do not provide “lanterns to be swung” as part of the ticket I can assure you that the NHS reports a significant increase in “Lantern Swinging Syndrome” every year in late May every year. The symptoms of this syndrome are wide ranging. I manifests itself in men by restricting their vocabulary to “When I was in the …..” and in women by similarly restricting their vocabulary to “I feel seasick”, there is no known cure.