General News

Following the 2016 AGM held at the Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton, on 21 May 2016, the new lineup of trustees is as follows:-



Constitutional Stand Down Date

Frank AndrewsChairman1st November 2016

(TBR Ray Bennett)

Peter FryDeputy Chairman/ TreasurerCompletes 6 years at AGM 2017
Ray BennettWelfareChairman Desig.
Robin LockCorporate Fund RaiserCompletes 6 years at AGM 2017
Robert SettleTrusteeCompletes 6 years at AGM 2020
Pat ThompsonTrustee & WebmasterAGM 2017
Ian ThompsonTrusteeCompletes 6 years at AGM 2021
Patrick MolloyTrusteeCompletes 6 years at AGM 2021

Ex-Officio Trustees

Rupert DrewAppointed by COMRFA
Stephen EdneyNominated by the RFA CBF
Gapped BilletNominated by the RFA CBF


The 6 period of trusteeship can be extended a further 3 years to a total of 9 years but the Trustee must be endorsed by ballot of the membership at the AGM in each of those 3 years