General News

The RFAA print it yourself 2020 Calendar is available to download (for free) 2020 RFAA Calendar (4.34 MB) . It is a big file, some 4.3 megs but that doesn’t take that long with modern broadband connections. You will also need a PDF viewer, and if you haven’t got one try Adobe’s website HERE and download one for free.

It celebrates the RFA’s support for “Carrier Ops” over the years from the 1960’s, ( RFA Wave Master and HMS Ocean…No not that one) until the present day with the latest additions to both the RFA (New New Tideboats) and the RN’s Carrier Fleet (Queen Elizabeth).

The old photo’s were the earliest I could find but I am sure that lurking in somebody’s loft there must be more. So go on, New Year’s Resolution, HAVE A LOOK and send me a copy captain.pat@rfaa.uk.