RFA Stromness CTU 1975/6

Sailing With Him Back in the......

Did you realise that is nearly 40 years since the RFA Stromness Cadet Training Unit was formed, you didn’t….well shame on you. Well we are trying to locate everyone in the unit so do you know anybody here, or are you in fact one of the ones here. Read on mon braves:-

Back row :- Kevin Banks, Dave Turner, Stephen Young, Andy Jeavons

Middle Row :- John Briffa, Er well “im” anyway, Gavin Braithwaite.

Front row :- Martin Rattle, Chris Flood, Richard Allen, Ian Forbes.

We are looking for nearly all except Dave Turner, Stephen Young and Chris Flood who we are in touch with already.

Please get in touch with me on mob@rfaa.uk or captain.pat@btinternet.com if you can help us in our quest.