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RFA Association Members only

I have been informed by the Royal British Legion (RBL) that new and stricter security arrangements are required at this year’s Whitehall Parade on Remembrance Sunday November 13th , hardly surprising really. Whereas in the past I just applied for a tranche of tickets this year there is a requirement to declare by name all participants and that the tickets will be printed with the individual’s name on it. This should not affect the usual number of tickets issued (1O) it will require a little administrative effort on our part, and given the amount of applications in total (some 10,000) a lot of administrative effort on the part of RBL.

I have attached a proforma detailing the information they are asking for.  If you are hoping to attend could you please complete and return it to me before, and no later than, 10 June 2016 to me to submit it in plenty of time for their deadline, they have asked that a single submission is made by each participating organisation.

I am also informed that, on the day attendees will require their ticket and 2 pieces of information including a photo ID and these details will be verified with the name on the ticket.

I have clarified a couple of points with the RBL and we fit into Category 5, Veteran Association Representatives and the Military Number should be either your Discharge Book number or your Civil Service pay number.

First come first served but I will give preference to “the usual suspects” ie the regulars who have supported this event over the years. Come of chaps, it’s grand day out and helps to keep the RFA in the public eye.

Individual Details (41.15 kB)

Individual Details (139.53 kB)