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Merchant Navy Statue

Background. The present memorial is unfortunately situated in a most unsuitable site, (on the wall across the road from the Mayflower Steps). At the last two Merchant Navy Days our presence has obstructed the public highway leading to comment from both police and City. To apply for a formal closure of the road is believed to cost in the vicinity of £1,000.

Proposal. That an ad hoc committee be formed and tasked with gaining planning permission for a statue to be commissioned and erected on the Hoe where it can be appreciated by the public and used as a focal point for our assemblies such as Merchant Navy Day.

Timetable. It is hoped that such a committee could begin its work before Christmas this year and completed the project including raising funds, gaining the necessary consents and commissioning groundworks, plinth construction and erection of a statue in time for a dedication ceremony at NM Day 2016.


  1. 1.It is thought that a suitable model for such a statue is held by Plymouth University that was made by my late colleague Bill Favata. (Steps are in hand to determine the copyright holder of this work).
  2. 2.It is intended that this statue will be dedicated to all who have served under the Blue or Red Ensigns, defaced or otherwise, in any capacity.

If you wish to be involved on a personal basis or are a member of an organisation that could/should be affiliated with this project please contact me.

Paul Willerton,


12th September 2014