Crossed the Bar


Sitrep 1Sitrep 1 Arrangements.

It is with so much sadness that I report that PO(Deck) Stephen Bentley RFA Crossed the Bar aged 61 at his home in Swansea. His passing happened last week ( but the exact date is to be confirmed). He was on sick leave from RFA Wave Knight.


I have no more information at the moment but I am in contact with his sister (his NOK) and will update this page as and when more details become available, as usual watch for the sitreps.

Sitrep 1 I have spoken this morning to Stephen’s brother in law who informs me that the delays in making the funeral arrangements are due to a backlog at the Coroner’s court, I subsequently spoke to Rees-Davies Funeral Directors and have been informed that they have “pencilled in” the funeral for Friday 15th Dec at Swansea Crematorium. I will update this as an when I can.

On behalf of the RFA Association I offer our sincere condolences to all his family.

If you have any remembrances of Stephen please email it to me at captain.pat@rfaa.uk and I will post them on this page. I am also looking for photographs of Stephen for this piece and the RFA Association Gallery and Archive, If you have one please email it to me.

Tributes and Remembrances.

CPO (Comms) RFA Retd. Phil Tinkler Writes:- I just read the sad news that Steve Bentley had passed away, and saw your request for a photograph, the only picture I have of Steve is attached and is not the best pose I must admit, it was taken onboard RFA Fort Rosalie when we were off the west Coast of Africa carrying out an exercise of which I cannot remember th

e name. It entailed a few weeks alongside in the port of Accra in Ghana disembarking Royal Marines and their aircraft into the jungle. then we managed to fit in a few days port visit in Walvis Bay in Namibia. Pictured with him I am sure you may recognise is Chippy John Richardson, they will be enjoying another drink together in the great Po’s bar in the sky now I would like to think. I hope you find this picture of some use.

Phil Tinkler

Ex CPO(Comms)

Geoff Day Writes:-So sad to hear the passing of Steve “Gently” Bentley he was my P.O. on the Wave Ruler I was an apprentice at the time yeah he was tough but his knowledge he was willing to pass on was second to none with a glint in his eye he would give us an incredible amount of stick about not tying a knot right or not doing what we were told but his memory will live on in the knowledge that our skills are what they are today because he had the patience to stand by us and show us what we were doing wrong (normally by following the training book!). Pass on my condolences to his family.

I will be sure to leave a rum on the at for him.

Geoff Day