General News

Mike Ainley has sent me this report on the RFA Olmeda Cadet Training Unit of 1983 Reunion held at the Victory Services Club, London on Saturday 28th September.

Jon Oliver, Jon Huxley, Graham Collins, Cliff Lineker, Paul Comfort, Mike Ainley

Just to report that the RFA Olmeda 1973 CTU reunion went very well at the Victory Services Club on Saturday 28th September.

Great food, wine and excellent company.

The lantern was swung almost out of its gimbals.

Naturally 40 years takes a lot of catching up on so due to the success of last Saturday we are already thinking about another meet maybe next year.

We are still looking for Joe Butler and Paul Rodgers and should anyone come across them please let me know. (Is there anyone who is a member of the HMS Conway Old Boys Association? if so can you please get in touch as you may be able to help us trace Paul Rodgers).

Many thanks to Captain Pat and RFAA for all the support and help.

Another special thank you to George Mortimer for supplying the photos of Olmeda for the Re union.

Finally thanks to the Victory Services Club in London.

“Bravo Zulu all round”


Paul & Alison Comfort, Peter & Pippa Hill, (back Mike Ainley, Jon Huxley) Cliff Lineker, Graham Collins, Jon Oliver

And now the obligatory embarrasing photograph