Former RN Commodore  Creates a Private Navy.

BRITAIN’S first private navy in almost two centuries is being created by a group of businessmen to take on the Somali pirates who are terrorising a 2.5m square mile expanse of the Indian Ocean.

Its armed vessels — including a 10,000-ton mother ship and high-speed armoured patrol boats — will be led by a former Royal Navy Commodore. He is recruiting 240 former marines and other sailors for the force.


Is this a worrying development or not, as a result of grotesque government overspending, the resulting cuts in defence and the inevitable withdrawal of the RN from anti Piracy Patrols in the Horn of Africa see HERE from the Guardian 8th May 2012, a private navy is being created to protect not just the Red Ensign but any shipowner who can pay for their services. Have a look HERE for the story from the Sunday Times 6 January 2013,  the Bahrain News Agency, 6th January 2013 HERE. BBC NEWS back in May last year  HERE gave a suggestion of things to come.

The Hydrographer’s Office has an answer to the problem…they have produced an “Anti-Piracy Planning Chart Number Q6099” which can be downloaded here UKHO Anti Piracy Chart (2.31 MB) . I leave you to draw your own conclusions as to the efficacy of that.

I have also found another interesting e-map from the  International Chamber of Commerce Commercial Crime Services  showing all the reported actual and attempted pirate attacks and suspicious vessels in 2012. Have a look HERE.

Remember these photographs ?

Above taken in the days when the Government made even token effort to protect it’s people!
Britain’s Present Response
Fort George languishes in Birkenhead
Batch 3 Type 22s on Death Row aka Fareham Trots.