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Marchwood Military Port sale ‘within months’ says Andrew Lansley

Aerial Pics – Marchwood Military Port

My thanks to Ian Wotherspoon for spotting and sending this link from the Southern Daily Echo on 9th Jan 2014.

“THE sale of a key Hampshire military base will be underway within a few months – with no fewer than 25 potential bidders.

The Government has revealed it will launch a “formal sale process” of Marchwood Military Port, in New Forest, this Spring.

Commons Leader Andrew Lansley added: “Twenty-five parties have shown an interest in participating, although clearly we cannot identify who they are.”

Have a look HERE for the full story.

There has been talk of the closure of this key base, the last Military Port in the UK in fact and many of us will remember, the home of the Sir Class LSLs.

I suspect the prospect of “££££££££££££” is just too much for the backroom boys at the treasure to pass up. I also heard rumours some years ago that Southampton Port was sniffing around to build a new container port for the next generation (ie huge) container ships.