General News

As many of you will know, the RFA Association, in partnership with Marchwood Parish Council, has assisted in the refurbishment of the LSL Memorial located just outside the church of St John the Apostle in Marchwood Village (HERE for their website and HERE for a map). The work is now complete and consisted of the installation of 2 flagpoles the replacement of the 2 badly weathered seats and the re-cutting of some of the badly weathered stonework. A service of rededication will be held on Friday 22 April, attendees to be seated by 13:50. This will be followed by a reception, by invitation only, in the village hall. RFAA members and serving RFAs will be most welcome to attend the service and afterwards, from 16:30, in the Snooker Hall for a little lantern swinging, especially but not limited to those who served in the Falklands Conflict all those years ago.

Contact with Marchwood Parish Council can be made by email or by phone on 023 8086 0273.

An overview of the memorial showing the new seats and flagpoles:

The RFA Sir Galahad Memorial Seat
The RFA Sir Tristram Memorial Seat