Looking for Pumpman Albert Edward Akhurst. Sitrep 1 (87)

Man Overboard

Had enquiry from the Galashiels branch of the Royal British Legion Scotland. One of their members, Tom Cass, who was an Assistant Cook in RFA Wave Premier back in 1952 is looking for relatives of his shipmate Albert Edward Akhurst who was the Pumpman. They were off Greenland participating in Exercise Mainbrace. Wave Premier was RASsing HMS Ark Royal and HMS Vanguard and Albert was struck in the chest by the brass rod gunline projectile. He was transferred to the Ark Royal but sadly subsequently died from his injuries.

Can anybody help, please email me at mob@rfaa.uk or call me on 01833 640045. All the usual confidentiality rules apply.

Received the following:-

  1. He is recorded in the Register of Deceased Seaman – his death is shown simply as ‘heart failure’ – this would be a direct copy from the ships log. There is no location of his death other than ‘on board’. I would think being hit by a metal gunline bolt would be enough to give anyone heart failure.
  2. His sister Edith died in 1997 – her married name was Barnicott
  3. His estate was wound up by his sister
  4. His medal card at the TNA can be down loaded, on payment, their reference is BT 395/1/758
  5. His Dis A number is/was 1130809
  6. His CR10 (with photo, home address, etc) should be in the Archives of Southampton Civic Centre – you will need to check their web site as their Archives have strange opening hours
  7. He was born on 15 November 1897
  8. He is not related to Arthur Albert Akhurst who was killed on HMS Princess Irene of Sheerness Dockyard in 1915 the CWGC entry shows that Arthur Albert’s father was a man with the same name as your man – the dates however don’t match by a long way
  9. I have his address at the time of his death (there is plainly an error here as I have two separate addresses in the same street -next door to each other!)

An extract from the Register of Deceased Seamen containing the entry of his death.

His sister Edith L Akhurst 1899~1997