General News

Travelling in Liverpool during the Reunion and Battle of the Atlantic 70 weekend. Member Bob Settle has sent this sitrep regarding the Liverpool Underground,

Bob Writes:-

I have just learnt that Liverpool Lime Street Underground station is shutting for refurbishment and will be during the BOA weekend.

This may affect members travelling to the reunion from Wirral, Chester and North Wales.

The stations immediately before and after Lime Street (Moorfields & Liverpool Central) are open as usual and are both about half a mile from the Liner.

Liverpool Lime Street Main Line is NOT affected. Have a look HERE for the Merseyrail website.

He adds:-

As an aside, if any member is yet to finalise their accommodation they may wish to consider the Titanic Liverpool Hotel, a Titanic themed hotel (have a look HERE) moored in the Albert Dock.

The paint job is such as to give the impression that the place is sinking by the bow a la Titanic.

As you can see the resemblance is truly remarkable and its all done in the best pahhsible taste!

(I think the other two funnels were victims of the defence cuts (exclam))