General News

With spectacles steamed up and stamp licking tongue worn to a frazzle not to mention my poor dogs tongues worn to the bone (Have tongues actually got a bone in them?) from envelope licking, sticking and stamping we are finally there, with this year’s mailing of the latest Yearbook/Member’s Handbook which is now winging it’s way to all our members at the speed of light…well the Royal Mail, as I write. So soon in fact some of you may have received your copy already.

Included in this mailing is the calling notice for the AGM and the application form for this Year’s Reunion both to held at the Ramside Hall Hotel in Durham all of which can be downloaded from our website HERE …except of course the ballot form.

Give our gallant Posties a few days to finish the job and if you haven’t received your mailing by say, the end of the week (21 Feb), drop me a line at and I will fix it.

All the mailings to our expat membership is already enroute (14 Feb). The important thing is that you receive your voting form for the AGM in time to return it to  Ian (The Bear) Thompson to have your voice heard. Do email me, with your membership number,  if you have not received it in the next week or so and I will send you a copy that you can use.

And finally, for now, please please make the effort to attend the AGM and if you can’t please please return your completed voting form, England expects and all that.