General News

As you will know 2015 is the centenary of the ill fated Gallipoli invasion by British and Australian Troops. What you may not know is that there is an RFA that served in that campaign as RFA Waterwitch still operating as luxury cruise ship in those self same waters.

She continues to operate as M/Y Halas 71, have a look HERE for some details and photographs.

There is a campaign underway to promote her activities during the Galipoli campaign and the exhibit will premier Aug/Sept in the former Govan, Glasgow HQ of Fairfields, who built the Halas (AKA Waterwitch) in 1914. We have been asked by the campaign if any of our members have any memorabilia that could be loaned for the exhibition. Should you have or know of any such memorabilia or have any details of RFA participation in the Gallipoli Campaign please drop me a line at and I will pass it on to the appropriate people.

M/Y Halas 71 formerly RFA Waterwich as she is today.

There is an interesting entry on the Clydesite webpage regarding her HERE

Also note that she is still in operation after 100 years, the only other survivor of the Gallipoli Campaign is the RN Monitor M33 which can be seen languishing as a static display in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard.