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RFA Fort George Sold to Turkish Breakers. (79)

Spotted on the Demotix website, RFA Fort George is reported as having been sold to Turkish Breakers, presumeably the same ones who have done so well out of MOD recently.

She was apparently moved from Birkenhead to Liverpool’s Langton Dock on 16th January in preparation for her date with the gas axe….what a dreadful waste.

Bob Settle informs me that she was towed from the Mersey yesterday 17th Jan 2013 by the Greek tug Christos XX111 (sister to the one that was in difficulties in the English Channel very recently) and is en-route for Leyal Recycling at Aliaga, Turkey (See HERE for their Website and HERE for a map. You can follow her progress on AIS HERE by searching for the tug if she is in range of the system

I also read HERE that the RNR had been given some sort of access to her to trophy hunt (you need to scroll down the page to find the appropriate posting), we weren’t!

RFA Fort George Languishes in Birkenhead