General News

At 15:30 MMT( Mickleton Mean Time) on 15 July the latest edition of Force 4, our electronic house magazine,  was sent out to all registered members of the Association who have declared an up to date e-mail address to Dawn our Membership Secretary. This works out at 428 of 650 members or 65% of the membership.

We have had a couple of problems with the delivery system ranging from finger trouble entering e-mail addreses accounting for 4 of these hiccups. They have now been resolved and the 4 recipients should have received their copy today.

Our system has also reported 23  “Bounced” emails, 4 Soft Bounces where the e-mail address is valid but perhaps the recipient’s mail box allowance is full, and 19 “Hard Bounces” where our system is totally unable to deliver because, for instance, the email or domain does not exist anymore.

I emphasise that Force 4 is only delivered electronically, it would cost just too much to print and deliver by snail mail, so if you want to get your copy please make sure that you keep Dawn ( ) up to date with your details. If you haven’t, for whatever reason, declared your up to date email and don’t really want to, again for whatever reason, you could create a hotmail or googlemail account (they are free). and pass that to Dawn and then if you recieve unwanted or unwelcome e-mails just shut it down…..remembering of course to tell Dawn.

The bottom line, if you are a member of the Association and haven’t received an electronic copy of Force 4 (we only do it by email) and would like one drop me a line at  that includes your name, e-mail adress and membership number,and I will make sure you get a copy.

As ever with Force 4 I am always looking for content, articles and photographs, come on chaps, and chapesses, there must be an article somewhere in the dark recesses of your loft, garage or at the bottom of your garden in what is left of the old WW2 air-raid shelter, that our memebers would enjoy reading.