General News

Force 4 Issue 10 went out by post recently to all members in the UK, members living abroad should have received their copy by e-mail. If you haven’t received your copy it could be down to 2 possibilities.

  1. We don’t have your correct address or
  2. We don’t have your correct email address.

If you have moved or changed your email address or if the Handbook is incorrect please let us know as soon as possible to so we can update our records. In the meantime you can download Issue 10 as a PDF file here :- icon Force 4 Issue 10 (633.42 kB) you will of course need either Adobe Acrobat Reader which if you haven’t got already you can download HERE for free from the Adobe website or Foxit PDF Reader, also for free HERE .

I hope to produce a Christmas edition of e-force4 in December so, as ever, I am looking for content, photographs, dits, looking for old shipmates, reminiscences etc. for both Force4 itself and of course the colour supplement. Come on Chaps and Chapesses, drag that old box of photos out of the loft, drag the Basildon Bond from the kitchen drawer, sharpen up your best pencil, give the lead a lick and give us a hand here. Would also appreciate copy from the Fleet, Stonnery and HQ.