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Philip Hammond: cut welfare not troops

Phillip Hammond, Secretary of State for Defence has spoken out in support of the Military, a cynic might say “well there’s a first” but “about bl**dy time too” is a more positive way to look at it and after nearly 70 years of attrition perhaps there is hope that the Defence Budget might be finally given some breathing space. See the full interview from today’s Daily Telegraph HERE

Interestingly however these supportive statements coincide with an announcement that the 6 strong fleet of RO-ROs is to be cut by 2 vessels, 33.3333 etc% if my math skills are still up to snuff. Have a look HERE for the little I have been able to find out. This article is from I understand that there is a piece in the latest “Warship World” magazine. The picture shows MV Longstone which I belive is one of the ships nominated for the chop.

We can only hope that Mr Hammond’s call for the axe to be swung towards a new target is heeded by the Treasury and that his words are not just the usual posturing of “here today, gone tomorrow” politicians (Remember the John Nott / Robin Day interview all those years ago) but strong and effective words from a strong and effective politician. Hope springs eternal.

I spotted this whilst looking for an appropriate quote to accompany this article, clearly based on Kipling’s Tommy Atkins but, well read it yourself:-

Yes, it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ spend less on defence,
But who walks the streets of Basra when the air is getting tense?
When the air is getting tense, boys, from Kabul to Kosovo
Who’ll say goodbye to wife and kids, and shoulder pack and go?