Dear Santa,

RFA Mollusc Bell

I am writing to you, despite our miserable MP Helen Goodman, who wants to stop people writing to Santa to let you know that what I would like for Christmas is this item seen by Mike Day on Ebay.

It is the Focsle bell from RFA Mollusc, a salvage vessel built by Fleming and Ferguson, Paisley and launched in November 1915.

Thank you in anticipation, I am having the chimmney swept especially for your visit and will leave you a mince pie and a glass of sherry and extra carrots for all the reindeer, especially Rudolf.

It is for sale on Ebay, have a look HERE



This is a lettert the editor of the Teesdale Mercury from the children of Forest in Teesdale School commenting on a recent article in the Mercury where Helen Goodman, the Local MP was supporting a move by the local Morale Suppression Team to ban letters to Santa, I can only assume she has been a very naughty girl and is not expecting any prezzies anyway.