George Mortimore remembers Dave Marsden.

David was a great character and a good shipmate. I sailed with him several times
on Rovers.
One Friday we were driving home from Grey Rover in Portland for the weekend.
We stopped at a pub called Worlds End for a snack.
The menu advertised “Sandwiches with home cured ham off the bone”
We ordered a couple and when they arrived David opened his up and said to the waiter “this is not ham off the bone, it’s square pig straight outof a tin” (David was in the pursering trade and knew about food)
The waiter called the Landlord who immediately threw us out – “never darken my doorstep again!”
George Mortimore
David seen here on “The Weakest Link”
George Mortimore was one of many who attended Dave’s funeral on Monday 3 September and writes:-
David Marsden was given a splendid sendoff on Monday atHamble Church and afterwards at the Royal Southern YC.
The RFAA was well represented and there were probablyabout 150 – 200 there in total..
As you can see from the attachment, the four pubs between the Church and the YC were primed to offer refreshment to the mourners on their way to the YC. This was taken full advantage of. Unfortunately we were with Monica Brooks who is a teetotaler
So had to pass them by and wait until we reached the YC.