Crossed the Bar

It is with much sadness that  I report that CPO(D) Ian Maclean RFA (Retd) (Member 0710) Crossed the Bar on Friday 3 December  2021 aged 70 after a battle with illness.I have no more details as yet as it happened so recently but I hope to be in touch with the family on Monday (6th December) and will sitrep this page accordingly.

VMT to our chairman, Andy August and Paddy O’Donnell for the heads up

On behalf of the RFA Association and all Ian’s shipmates and colleagues (after 28 years of RFA Service) I offer our sincere condolences.

If you have any remembrances of Ian please email it to me at captain.pat@rfaa.uk and I will post them on this page. Alternatively you can post to our facebook page “RFA Crossed the Bar”. I am also looking for photographs of Ian  for this piece and the RFA Association Gallery and Archive, if you have one please email it to me.

CPO(D) Ian Maclean RFA(Retd) (Seen on the left) 1951-2021