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Date of Auction: 19th September 2013

Sold for £29000

Estimate: £20,000 – £25,000

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“Twenty-five years ago, on 8th June, you found yourself amidst the blazing wreckage of RFA Sir Galahad. Heedless of the imminent danger you were in, you worked to save the lives of others as the flames took hold. Your courage that day ensured that many more families were spared the grief of mourning. And your actions are a reminder to us all of the best and noblest aspects of the human spirit. Britain will never forget your service or your heroism.”

(Extract from a letter written by Margaret Thatcher, dated 8th June 2007, which is included with lot)

The rare and emotive ‘Falklands’ G.M. pair awarded Sailor Chiu Yiu Nam, Royal Fleet Auxiliary, a native Hong Kong crewman, who was present aboard the R.F.A. Sir Galahad on 8 June 1982 when she was bombed by three Skyhawk jets of the Argentine Airforce – Realising that soldiers were trapped inside the burning ship Chiu donned a protective asbestos suit and fought his way time and again through smoke and the flames into the bowels of the ship from where he led men to safety, only obeying the order to abandon ship when he was sure there was no one left alive – Of the Welsh guardsmen who survived at least ten were said to owe their lives to the ‘remarkably modest’ Chiu – It was only later after the Commanding Officer, 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, interviewed his guardsmen and heard about an unknown rescuer whose identity had been hidden behind a protective hood that Chiu was identified and his extraordinary gallantry publicly recognised

George Medal, E.II.R., 2nd issue (Chiu Yiu Nam); South Atlantic 1982, with rosette (Sailor Chiu Yiu Nam, RFA Sir Galahad); together with Royal Mint fitted case of issue for G.M., nearly extremely fine (2) £20000-25000