Crossed the Bar

Barry Dixon has sent me this message regarding the sad news that Brian Hobbs, Fridge Engineer, has Crossed the Bar. ]

msg. recvd from Steve Jones:-

“did you know Brian Hobbs? Crossed-bar Thursday last (8th September). Whilst I never served with Brian he was, as far as I know, a Freezer Geezer c. 1980s. First met him in the early ’90s when I moved to S Glos and shared a few Clanky v STO(N)nery stories. He was diagnosed with emphysema some 6 weeks ago but subsequently rushed into hospital towards the end of last week, and passed away with organ failure”.

On behalf of the RFA Association I offer our sincere condolences to all Brian’s family.

Brian Hobbs was not a member of the RFAA so I am unable to make contact with his family. I have absolutely no more information but will do my homework. If anybody can help me here I would be very greatful indeed. If I get anymore information I will, as usual post it to this page.


If you have any remembrances of Brian please email it to me at and I will post them on this page. I am also looking for photographs of Brian for this piece and the RFA Association Gallery and Archive, If you have one please email it to me.