General News

Meeting together again under the Blue Ensign, from port to starboard. all ex RFA SRO’s

Mike Austin, Eddy Perera, Martin Seymour, Ian (schoffe) Schofield-Beevers.

The occasion, Mike and Martin are volunteer engineers on the “Pride of Bristol” – ex HMS Messina a Manly Class fleet tender now run out of Bristol as a charity. Indeed Martin is the Chief Engineer, Mike is only the 3rd being the new boy at 67 years!.

Schoff and Eddy were visiting for the day whilst the boat  was in Padstow harbour delivering a dozen sea cadets from Bristol , and taking another dozen from Padstow/Falmouth back to Bristol via Lundy Island . Schoff is involved with the Falmouth SCC unit. Eddy came for the day out and the beer.”