Crossed the Bar

It is with so much sadness that I  announce  that First Officer (SE) Andy Rennie RFA(Retd),  crossed the bar on the 14th October 2014 at St Luke’s Hospice, Plymouth (HERE for their website and HERE for a map),  after a long illness, he was 65.

His funeral will be held at St Pancras Church (off Honicknowle Lane) (HERE for their website and HERE for a map) on Monday 20th October at 0930 then on to Efford crematorium (HERE for their website and HERE for a map), no flowers requested by the family.

On behalf of the RFA Association I extend our sincere condolences to all his family.

This photograph shows Andy on his way home in MV British Trent following the attack on RFA Sir Tristram during the Falklands Conflict

If you have a remembrance of Andy please email it to be at and I will post them on this page. Also do you have a photo of Andy that I can post on this page, if you do please email it to me.


Marcus Barrett writes :-

It is with great sadness that I hear about the passing of Andy Rennie. I sailed with Andy on my final trip as a deck cadet on board Grey Rover in The Falklands in 1994. I lived next door to Andy as he was accomodated in the Engineer Cadet cabin just aft of mine. I remember one evening when we had to launch the crashboat at around 2200. The davit wouldn’t function so we called Andy to have a look at it. He turned up without his false teeth in and was incromprehensible to the bosun (who was from Stornoway I think) so neither of them could understand the other. Andy managed to rectify the problem and the boat was launched but the boat crew could still be heard laughing about the conversation between Andy and the bosun as they left the ship. My deepest condolences to Andy’s family. Regards, Marcus Barrett RFA from 1991-2006


Paul Smith writes:-

It’s with great sadness that I hear of the passing of Andy Rennie.

I sailed with Andy many times on the Rover boats and always found him to be engaging and quick witted.

One time springs to mind whilst we were down the Falklands. Andy corralled four of us into going to the RFA memorial at Fitzroy to help maintain its appearance. We readily agreed and time off was arranged for our expedition.

At 0900 on the Sunday morning were waiting patiently on the jetty in the Landrovers piled high with buckets, scrubbing brushes, cloths etc, when Andy rolled up complete with six cans of beer – “one each” he explained “plus one to be placed at the memorial once it’s nice and clean”.

We made our way to Fitzroy and when there we commenced the cleanup operation – all being supervised by Andy himself. He pointed out the bits we’d missed, issued correct instructions and generally took on the role of Supervisor very well. It took us a good hour or so of weeding, removing old grasses and scrubbing with soapy water to get it looking nice and sparkly. Once we’d finished Andy inspected the memorial and proclaimed that we had done a fantastic job. He then dutifully laid a can of beer at the base of the memorial and we all took a minute of silence and contemplation of what had occurred there many years before.

We packed all our gear away and then turned to Andy expecting to be rewarded with our can of liquid refreshment. “The beer?” said Andy, “Oh, I drank that – it was thirsty work watching you guys scrubbing away”

If it wasn’t Andy who had done that I think we would all have been a bit peeved, however, we had a good laugh, told him he owed us a drink back in the bar and he agreed. True to his word, he generously bought us all a ‘few’ drinks on our return to East Cove whilst thanking us again and again for our efforts that morning.

The word ‘legend’ is often used when people are discussing old RFA shipmates, but Andy really was a legend. Truly one in a million.

It was a pleasure to have sailed with him and my deepest condolences go to his family and friends.

Paul Smith

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Alex Blackwood writes:-

I am so sad to hear of Andy’s passing. We sailed together on numerous occasions and had a drink on a few more. loss of a good ship mate and friend. My deepest sympathy to all his family.

Alex Blackwood.

David Walker writes:-

I have only been read my rights by the Police (MOD) once and that was thanks to Andy!  I was the baby ASTO(N) on RFA Lyness and we were in Devonport post Ark Royal Westlant in 1976 – the STO(N) Dave Walters came to see me to say he had a tip that the MOD Police were coming to arrest me for selling government property from the holds!

Those of you will remember in that year the “Woolly Pully” was all the rage but only available to RN and not RFA or STO(N) staff either!  Anyway the Commodore, Chief Engineer and a few other RFA  and STO(N) officers fancied one. So I was despatched to HMS Ark Royal during a RAS to see if the Supply Officer would sell me some through his Cash Clothing  account – this was agreed so I took orders. So not only most of  RFA officers but all of the STO(N) staff became proud owners of the finest newly introduced RN Woolly Pullies !

Andy was one of my fellow shipmates who looked very smart in a Woolly Pully, however  on paying off and a little under the weather he was stopped by the MOD Plod leaving and searched, in his holdall was his newly aquired Woolly Pully and he was asked where he got it?  Allegedly he he said at first he did not want to get a shipmate into trouble but under pressure suggested I was selling them from  hold stock!  In a round about way he was correct but they had to go from our Holds to the Ark Royal and then back after being brought on charge in the SO’s Cash Clothing account!

Fortunately being a good Civil Servant I had all the paper work and was not charged. RIP Andy.

David Walker

CO:            RFA REGENT

Tribute in Plymouth Herald